Current available tools targeting multiple chromatograms are deficient in theirs functionalities. In order to close the gap between free and full analysis support of multiple chromatograms software, we developed the TraceViewer. TraceViewer provides several functionalities needed by any biologist who wants to efficiently analyse his/her trace data. The current implemented functionalities are:

•  Full read support to SCF and Applied Biosystems ® file formats (scf, abi, ab1 and abd extensions);

•  Scrolling of several traces simultaneously;

•  Exporting trace sequences as FASTA to a file and to the clipboard;

•  Motiff finding within the trace sequence;

•  Trace sequence reversing and complementing;

•  Performing of BLAST query of selected sequences in a integrated fashion;

•  Exporting of trace data as image, being ready to be imported into your text or presentation;

Writing of reversed/complemented trace in the SCF format;

Trace Viewer runs under Windows 2000, XP and Vista, requiring the .NET framework 2.0, which is installed freely and automatically. We recommend at least 256mb of RAM memory in order to open ten traces in a smooth fashion. We are open to suggestions about the software and can be freely implemented under demand. TraceViewer is open-source, distributed under the MIT License.

Contact us at: rrferreira [at] inf [dot] ufrgs [dot] br (Ronaldo Rodrigues Ferreira)


  Centro de Biologia Genômica e Molecular
Faculdade de Biociências
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul